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The results of LynxEye Brands of Tomorrow 2014 are now official. The Brands of Tomorrow is a study that covers two questions: which brands have the right to grow, and why? The results are based on a rich consumer survey conducted in Sweden, China and US. This year, the survey includes six industries: Automotive, Airlines, Cosmetics, Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances and Electronics Retail, with insights into nearly 300 brands.

One of the hot topics in management at the moment is the importance of purpose. In this year’s edition of Brands of Tomorrow, we tried to shed some light on brands with a purpose and how consumers actually respond to them.  A Brand Purpose is a guiding statement that describes the company’s sole reason to exist and explains what greater good they want to achieve for consumers and our society as a whole. Looking across all the consumer responses in Brands of Tomorrow, we found an interesting pattern of answers that seems to capture how purposeful a brand is in the eyes of a consumer. We can see that purposeful brands are more associated with “does NOT exist only for profits”, “have values I believe in”, and “is socially responsible”. We can also confirm that the top 3 brands in each category are over 40% more associated with having a clear purpose than brands further down in the list.

Brands that focus on sustainability or democratization of products and services often have an explicit purpose. However, our study shows that Brand Purpose can be so much more. There are in particular two types of brands that tend to feel more purposeful to consumers. Often, these brands focus on empowering people, which many consumers feel that Microsoft and Samsung do. The other type are brands that make us feel welcomed and appreciated, which is associated with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and The Body Shop. But there are many ways to do it, and Brands of Tomorrow often find their unique purpose that guides the brand.

Finding a unique and relevant purpose is no walk in the park. When we explore the most critical success factors behind Brands of Tomorrow, we get a better understanding of all the work that makes these brands feel more purposeful.  Across countries and categories we see three things that Brands of Tomorrow do better than others, and explain their top placement in our lists. First, top brands generate the strongest interest among a target group with similar values in life. Secondly, top brands “own” a brand position and promise that distinguish them from other brands and helps them attract their target group. Finally, top brands feel more consistent, through a holistic brand-driven way of working that often means they have to mobilize everyone in the company.

One example of a brand with top potential in their category is Audi.  Our study reveals that they are particularly strong among image-driven and outgoing premium car buyers, who represent a big share of the value in the car market. We can also see what helps Audi win. Car buyers believe that Audi have a clear and aspirational mission: to bring joy and inspiration with a sophisticated touch. This brand promise is manifested through superior design and quality, based on technological innovation. Audi also manage to execute their brand promise consistently through engaging communication, a broad yet coherent product range, and exciting shopping experiences.

In summary: top brands start in shared values with the consumers they serve (who), with a clear and purposeful brand promise (what), and live their brand everywhere (how). Not only does this help generate new business potential. It is also a key to answer one of the most fundamental questions in management – why does your brand exist?

To see the full lists from the Brands of Tomorrow 2014, click here.

If you would like to learn more about the secrets behind Brands of Tomorrow and other top performing brands, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at LynxEye.

We have chosen not to participate in the contest “Agency of the Year” this year

We would like to thank our customers for the five consecutive years we have won Regi’s and Swedish leading business newspaper Dagens Industri’s Agency of the Year contest. The winner is elected by the respective agency’s clients, and our customers have given us a higher grade than our rival’s customers. To have the most satisfied customers every year is something that made ​​us very proud. Thank you!

This year we have decided not to participate in the Agency of the Year contest. This decision we made due to the fact that the category Brand agency have been merged with the category Design agency. We would have preferred that the category Brand agency had been retained because it is important to recognize and reward the branding that goes beyond design and communication. Brands are built long term based on a clear target group and is affecting overall business strategies and transform the way companies work throughout the company.

We highly value the Agency of the Year being a very good contest because it is based on customers’ reviews and we therefore hope that the category Brand Agency will be reintroduced next year. We will of course continue our passionate work to help our clients’ brands to long-term profitable growth.

Thank you for voting us “Agency of the Year” for the 5th year in a row

We are happy to announce that LynxEye, once again, was awarded “Brand Agency of the Year”.

The award is based on a major, independent client study conducted by the research institute Regi, in partnership with the leading business newspaper Dagens Industri. We would very much like to thank all our clients for your support and for inspiring us to always try harder. We look forward to an exciting 2013!

Two new partners at LynxEye

We are proud to announce the promotion of Fredrik Arvius and Marie Wedin as the two newest partners at LynxEye. Both have contributed significantly in making LynxEye an authority in the Nordic Brand Management arena. Fredrik and Marie personify our values of being “Perceptive and passionate about clients, talents and results” to the fullest.


After 4 years at LynxEye and a solid background from Procter & Gamble, Fredrik Arvius was promoted to partner in November 2011. The promotion is proof of Fredrik’s passionate commitment and significant contributions to the company, both in his ability to deliver results for our clients and in developing the people around him.

LynxEye has had a fantastic period of growth in recent years with a variety of new clients. Fredrik has been instrumental in making this happen. ”With Fredrik as partner, we now have the muscles to push ahead with our ambitious goals”, says Christian Ihre, Founding Partner at LynxEye AB.

After 9 years at LynxEye and a background from McKinsey & Co, Marie Wedin was promoted to partner in March 2012. Marie’s partnership is another major milestone in the company’s development and a confirmation of Marie’s amazing contributions in developing talent and her ability to create lasting business results for our clients.

– Since Marie started at LynxEye the company has more than tripled in size and has won several awards based on client reviews. Marie, with her passion for developing talent and making our clients’ brands flourish, has been a significant force in making this happen. ”With Marie as a reinforcement in the LynxEye Partner Group, we look forward to further accelerate our success in the Nordic region and internationally”, said Richard Törnblom, CEO and Partner at LynxEye.

LynxEye has grown steadily since 1999 and continues to grow. Today we are a consulting firm with a global field of work. Our passion for brand management spans across industries and categories reaching both large Corporate brands and Product brands around the world. Our relentless dedication to making brands matter and hence become a true asset for our clients has rewarded LynxEye the first prize four years in a row in the  “Agency of the Year” competition in Sweden. Our ambition to become one of the world’s top three authorities in brand management continues to inspire and guide us in our future work.

LynxEye was voted “Brand Agency of the Year 2011” in extensive client survey

On February 20th, LynxEye was voted “Brand Agency of the Year 2011” when Regi and Dagens Industri presented the results from Regi’s survey based on over 2 900 client evaluations of 197 agencies in different disciplines within the communication area in Sweden.

“We are very happy and proud to come out on top four years in a row in the “Agency of the Year” competition.  Our agency category “Brand Consultants” is also the category that has the highest rating of all agencies, which makes it very honorable to be number 1. The Agency of the Year Award inspires us, because it is the clients’ evaluation and the agency’s contribution to their success that determines who wins. We want to thank all our clients for this year’s collaboration, and look forward to breaking new grounds next year.

2011 has again been a very successful year for LynxEye. We continue to grow both financially and in number of employees, and our assignments include large well-known brands that management and owners are keen to develop further. A pleasant trend is that top management, the board, and owners realize the true business potential of a well managed brand. This insight results in brand strategies that fundamentally affect the way of conducting business, as the brand becomes the engine to drive the entire venture. It is extremely inspiring to play a part in these changes, and see how they affect both long term growth and profits!”, says Richard Törnblom, CEO at LynxEye.


The survey “Agency of the year” was conducted by research agency Regi in cooperation with newspaper Dagens Industri for the 12th year running.